School history

The BSS Snowboard School ranks among the oldest schools in Europe. The school was established in 1994 by Libor Votruba following his return from USA (Lake Tahoe, Squo Vally, Nevada), where he earned his living as a ski and snowboard instructor. Immediately after his return back to Czech Rep he started to work on making his dream come true and right away during the first winter he established a strictly snowboard school, which right from the get go received the name BSS (Burton Snowboard School, later on only BSS Snowboard School). In spite of the relative lack of interest in lessons during the first winter season, when snowboarding was only attempting to attract wider interest, he worked on improving his employees and started to prepare conditions for future seasons, he was not losing any of his enthusiasm, quite the contrary. Czech mountains at that time were actually an entirely unknown territory for the snowboard environment. Even this maybe the reason why right from the start he has not encountered a highly positive attitude from all parties involved. Since this lifestyle has always been looked upon as something that absolutely defies all standards and rules of the mountain, then nowadays we can only hardly imagine how tough a task this was.

The first fundamental commercial break thru occurred after four years of quite a smooth operation, when the BSS has merged with the SKI MAX ski school (it is named SKOL MAX today).

At the same time (1998) the Olympic Games in Nagano Japan are taking place. Here snowboarding becomes officially a "sport" and is fully integrated into the Olympic program. Specifically it was the freestyle half-pipe and alpine snowboarding event (parallel and giant slalom). This was the cause of interest in lessons from the ranks of the hard line skiers, especially their children. The myth about hooligan destroying everything in their path slowly dissipates and the quality of SNB scene is on a sharp up rise.

The growing number of schools organizing competitions and various exhibitions and the ever growing quality of instructors are a proof of this. In 2006 the school splits apart from SKOL MAX and hereafter continues to run strictly independently, as BSS Snowboard School only. The school is very stringent about lesson quality and that quality comes before quantity.

Among other activities on the establishment of which the school participated are mainly the development of a snow park in St.Petr and Horní Mísečky.

The current look of BSS cannot at all be compared to the one from the 1990's, when there were only a few enthusiasts, who had at their disposal a mere dozen of snowboard sets.

Since the number of snowboarders and skiers on the slopes is evening in a rapid pace, we can expect even greater demand for services of this type. So why wait?